Test Features

Test Features are our way to try potentially large gameplay and balance changes with the entire Brawlhalla community.

There are two ways to access test features.

1 – Enable test features in custom lobbies or Couch Party by going into the game settings and turning ‘Test Features’ on.

2 – Queue for the 1v1 Experimental Queue where all test features are on by default.

Current Test Features

Blasters and Spear Down Air Light Attack Updates

We’ve introduced new versions of the Blasters and Spear Down Air Light Attacks when they’re performed close to the ground.

  • Now these attacks visibly collide with the ground.
  • The hitboxes have been adjusted to allow for new kinds of hits.
  • These changes bring Blasters and Spear more in line with how the rest of Brawlhalla’s Weapons behave.

Hold to Dodge

Hold to Dodge is a new Test Feature that allows players to hold down the Dodge button while being hit so that they can Dodge on the first available frame. Everyone can try out this feature by enabling Test Features in Custom Games or by playing in the Experimental queue.

  • If you press and hold the Dodge button after getting hit, you will attempt to Dodge in the held direction on the first available frame after hitstun.
  • This helps make the windows for escaping strings available to players of all skill levels and limits button mashing.

Sentinel Side Hammer Rework

In continuing to update older or more simplistic Legends with new tools, we have added a Charge Variant to Sentinel’s Side Hammer. Years ago, this Signature was excellent at surprising opponents from a distance with a powerful leaping strike, but over time the speed of the game has increased and that distance has become less impactful. So as a Test Feature, when this Signature is charged past a brief duration, Sentinel will perform a double swing that travels a much greater distance. Leave us your feedback on this and other Test Features in Discord, Reddit, or any of our other official social channels.

  • Adds a charged variant in which Sentinel travels farther with a second swing of his Hammer.
  • The Uncharged Side Hammer remains the same.

Please make sure to leave us your feedback on this and other Test Features in DiscordTwitterReddit, or any of our other official social channels!

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