EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat)

If you are having an issue with Easy Anti-Cheat, read the following:

  • Brawlhalla does not start and it says “Easy Anti-Cheat is not installed”

Re-launch Brawlhalla and make sure you select yes when prompted by Steam to make changes to your hard drive. If that doesn’t work, see the next bullet point to learn how to verify the integrity of your game files.

  • Easy Anti-Cheat says there’s a problem/bad or missing file on my computer

Fix by having Steam verify integrity of game files. You can do this by right-clicking on the game in your steam library, selecting “properties,” selecting “local files,” and then selecting “Verify integrity of game files…”

  • Easy Anti-Cheat doesn’t run and I can’t play ranked

Make sure you’re on a 64-bit OS and have Windows 7 or later installed or run windows update. If you do not meet these requirements, you won’t be able to play Ranked but you will still be able to play other game modes like Experimental 1v1.

  • I don’t want to run Easy Anti-Cheat

Add -noeac to the Steam launch options to disable Easy Anti-Cheat from running. You can do this by right-clicking on the game in your steam library and entering -noeac to the “Launch Options” at the bottom of the “General” tab. Keep in mind that you will not be able to play competitive game modes with EAC disabled.

  • Easy Anti-Cheat gives me another error

Visit for help with more specific issues that you may be having. You can find EAC customer support by following the link provided.

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How to submit a bug report
How to make your bug report awesome!
How soon can I expect a response?

Common Issues

I’m having lag issues
I can’t connect to the game servers
Game Crashes on Startup
Framerate Problems
My Controller Isn’t Working
I’m Experiencing Input Delay
Balance Improvements
Running Tournaments
Let’s Plays and YouTube Monetization
Giveaways for 
Streamers and YouTubers
I have an idea!
Can I get more refunds?
Can I refund Steam DLC?
I have negative Mammoth Coins! Oh no!
Google Play Install Error!
Something else

How to submit a bug report

FIRST – Check the list above to see if you have a common issue or question before emailing us.

If you can’t find your problem listed a bug the best way to submit any kind of bug report, or to get in touch with us is to email

As much as we love hearing from players, if you reach out to a developer directly with a bug report we’ll still ask you email so that we have a record of the problem and we can get the right team member working on it.

How to make your bug report awesome!

For us to track down and squash any bugs we need to be able to reproduce them. So there are a few things that would really help us out:

  • A clear description of the bug you’ve found
  • Retracing what you were doing before you encountered the bug. (I had been playing Ranked for half an hour, then I chose Random as my Legend, got into a game on King’s Pass and then everything died)
  • A Screenshot or video capture is always awesome..
  • If it’s a gameplay related bug with anything related to hurtboxes, hitboxes, gadget interactions or the like, attaching your replay file of the match in question is typically helpful.

How soon can I expect a response?

We check the support email inbox throughout each day and send off each ticket to the appropriate member of the team. Just know there can sometimes be a delay in responses during patch days or when the team it out at a big event like PAX. We’re a small team, but we’ll get to your issue as quicky as we can!

Common Support Questions

I’m having lag issues.

  • Are you playing on a wireless connection? If so, try switching to an ethernet cable connection first.
  • Visit us at for more information on how to test your connection.
  • Pingtest for comparison
  • Find more help and information about Brawlhalla’s networking model on this post.
  • Send your pingtest results and other relevant information to

Can’t Connect to Game Servers

We usually see one of two things that cause this.

1) The firewall or antivirus rule on your machine blocking Brawlhalla from making connections.
2) The router or network you are using is blocking the ports that Brawlhalla attempts to connect on.

  • If you think a firewall or antivirus on your machine could be the problem, try disabling them temporarily and see if you can make a connection. If that works, you can usually alter the settings on your firewall or antivirus program to avoid the problem once you turn them back on.
  • If the router or network is blocking your traffic (this is common on school networks) try seeing if you can open up ports 23,000-24,000 and 33,000-34,000 for Brawlhalla, or contact your network admins to see if they can help.
  • If all else fails, send us your results to

I’m having framerate drops during gameplay

  • Ensure you have the latest drivers for your video card installed
  • Shut down any open web browsers that might be eating memory (I’m looking at you Google Chrome)
  • If you continue to have problems email

For Nvidia Users Only

  • Go into Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > Select Brawlhalla.exe > Scroll down to power management and select “Prefer Maximum Performance.”

Game Crashes on Startup

Here’s some things to try before you email us.

  • 1) Try verifying file cache through Steam.
  • 2) If that doesn’t work, maybe a fresh Install (the game should be a relatively quick download).
  • 3) If you haven’t recently, try rebooting your machine.

If none of those things work, email us with the following

  • What OS are you running Brawlhalla on?
  • Have you ever been able to run the game successfully?
    If you game has crashed it’s important that you retrace your steps leading up to the crash. What kind of game mode were you playing, if online how many people were playing with you, on what server etc. The more you can remember the more it helps!
  • Send all relevant information to

My Controller Isn’t Working

Some quick troubleshooting things to try first:

  • Check this thread to see if your Controller is already supported
  • Do you have any other controllers plugged in? Sometimes different controllers don’t play well with each other. Try unplugging all other controllers. Xbox 360 controllers are really bad about keeping other controllers from being recognized unless the 360 controller(s) is plugged in last.
  • Are there multiple modes (e.g., D vs X on a Logitech controller or PC vs WiiU on a Mayflash adapter)? Try both.
  • Try both starting the game with the controller plugged in and try plugging the controller in after the game has already been launched.
  • If you’re using an adapter made to handle multiple controllers, it’s likely only one of the ports works (I’m looking at you, Mayflash). Be sure to try each port.
  • If you’re on Windows, have you tried using x360ce? If not, scroll down a little bit to find instructions.
  • If you’re trying to get multiple PS4 controllers to work on PC, you’ll need to download DS4Windows

If your controller is still not working please email with the following info (please do not email before trying the above troubleshooting):

  • A link to the exact controller you’re using (preferably one where it can be purchased).
  • If you’re using an adapter, a link to that, too.
  • When you try to use it, are none of the inputs registering or are you getting incorrect inputs? If none are registering, we can go about adding support for it with your help. If the inputs are incorrect, we can do our best figure out what’s going on, but support may not be possible at this time.
  • Are you on Mac or PC?
  • If there are multiple versions of your controller (i.e., one for Xbox and one for PS3), which version are you using?
  • Does your controller show up in the customize controls screen? If so, what does the game call it? Note that this screen will refer to your buttons as if you’re using an Xbox 360 controller regardless of what you’re actually using.

Expect a reply (with additional instructions for controllers that aren’t registering at all) within 1-2 business days.

I’m Experiencing Input Delay

Many players have reported that the instant replay recording feature of the nVidia Experience program causes input delay in their games. Turning off this feature or uninstalling the program entirely seems to resolve this instantly.

Your game is imbalanced, please fix.

When sending us direct feedback on game balance or striking up a discussion with the community it’s good to consider the following:

  • Talking with the community on is usually more effective than sending us balance questions / suggestions / complaints directly. When we get to see a number of people agreeing, disagreeing, and having a discussion it can help us identify problems better than receiving a single email.
  • You can also join the conversation on the forge. Where you can participate in the round table discussions directly with the developers and other players regarding everything balance related.
  • Be as specific as possible. “It’s too hard to punish bow!” Is not as helpful as “When trying to attack someone who uses Bow Down Air frequently, as a Lance player I can’t attack them without being hit by a Down Air or Side Air on approach.”
  • Break it down into specific moves when possible. “Diana has ridiculous signatures and is completely broken.” Is not as helpful as “Diana’s down signature on guns gets too much force on the final hit compared to other Legends.” Keep it short and concise. While it’s tempting to air all of your balance complaints at once, it makes it easier to get a focused conversation going around a single topic.
  • Remember that we do balance passes every couple of weeks and we’re always listening to community feedback. We may not always get the exact nerf or buff that you’re looking for, but we’re always working to make the game as balanced and fun for everyone who plays.

I want to run a Brawlhalla Tournament and am looking for help

  • Before deciding to run a Brawlhalla tournament you should take a look at some of the tournaments being held by the community. (There’s always loads, it’s amazing!) Go to and look at the sidebar to see a list of upcoming tournaments.
  • Each link on the sidebar will take you to the information post for each tournament being held. There you can get a common idea of the signup process, ruleset, scheduling and other logistics for announcing your tournament
  • You can take a look at an example of our official ruleset for LAN tournaments here.
  • If you need a system to use for brackets is free and is widely used across multiple competitive titles including many Brawlhalla community driven tournaments.
  • If you are requesting codes for prizes such as Community Colors and skins please send us the following information in your email
    • A link to your announcement page
    • A link to your sign-ups page where we can see total number of sign-ups
    • Details on when and where your event will be streamed (not required but nice to have)

Let’s Play Monetization

  • We fully encourage members of the community to create, share and monetize videos of Brawlhalla gameplay.

Giveaways for Streamers and YouTubers

  • Anyone who streams Brawlhalla or creates YouTube videos of Brawlhalla is welcome to request Community Colors for giveaways.
  • We do not give out currency packs of Mammoth Coins, Collectors Editions, or other such items on request.
  • You can apply to receive Community Colors as a content creator here.
  • Email us at

I have an idea!

  • Share your ideas on our subreddit, Steam Forums, Twitter, Facebook YouTube and anywhere else you go to talk about Brawlhalla.
  • Unfortunately we don’t accept unsolicited ideas, it can create some sticky legal situations.
  • While we love seeing the ideas the our community comes up with, emailing us or reaching out to us directly is not the best place for your idea to go. Go share your ideas with the community or send it to us on Twitter!

Can I get more refunds?

We provide refunds as a convenient way for players to be able to fix purchasing mistakes or regrets without going through support. Our policy is three refunds for the lifetime of the account, we don’t grant more. That’s why we make sure the process clearly tells you how many refunds you will have remaining if you complete the process.

Can I refund Steam DLC?

All Steam DLC refunds are handled through Steam directly. If you meet their criteria you should be able to refund through Steam.

Something I just bought went on sale? Can I get my money back?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a system to do backdated refunds after sales start. We do have an automated refund system in game, so if you would like to, you are welcome to use one of your 3 refunds on the recent purchase and repurchase it again at the new lower price.

I have negative Mammoth Coins. What is going on?

Usually this means that at some point you tried to purchase a Pack with Mammoth Coins in it and the purchase didn’t go through for some reason. Depending on how that happened, sometimes Steam tells us you own the pack for a period of time before removing the pack from your account. When you log in and Steam tells us you own a pack we grant the rewards from that pack including Mammoth Coins. After a period of time when Steam tells us you no longer own the Pack we remove the coins from your account. If you’ve spent Coins from that pack your account can go negative.

To fix it you just have to complete a purchase of the Pack that goes through. If you go to Brawlhalla in your Steam Library under the DLC section you should see that the Pack you tried to purchase is not listed by Steam. If that isn’t the case let me know and we’d be happy to help you figure out what’s going on!

Mobile Users

If you are receiving a Google Play Install error, follow the steps at the following link to resolve the issue:

Specifically, we suggest that you look at the following steps:

  • “Clear cache & data from Download Manager”
  • “Clear cache & data from Google Play Services”

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