Street Brawl with a Snowy Forecast

Street Brawl with a Snowy Forecast

Brawlers, get your Brawlhallidays gear ready because, along with the release of the new Legend Seven, the Brawlhallidays start on December 20th! If you ask Ragnir nicely, he’ll spark up a Dragonfire in the fireplace to keep you warm and roast marshmallows 🔥❄️🧥

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Riding towards Valhalla with her friendly Crab-Tank, Seven is the Free Heart Engineer we’ve all been waiting for. She’ll be playable starting December 20th. Nobody knows what her release Skins look like… better keep a lookout on social media y’all!

2023 has been an amazing year for Brawlhalla, and we can’t think of a better way to cap it off than with one of our most cherished events—the Brawlhallidays Event! Featuring Frost Tech Sentinel, Cozy Sweater Fait, three new wintery Emojis, the Winner Wonderland’23 Podium, 16 returning Brawlhallidays Skins, and more!

We’ve been shouting Cross-Progression from the rooftops because we’re so proud of what we’ve empowered our community with. If you don’t already know, with Cross-Progression, you can advance any of your Brawlhalla accounts on any platform anywhere. Simply link your Brawlhalla accounts with your Ubisoft account, and you’re ready to progress… crossly?

With the recent addition of PlayStation, we now have full Cross-Inventory AND Cross-Progression. What a time to be a Brawler 😤

If you have any questions about Cross-Progression, check out our FAQ!

Get ready for action as another fight is coming your way! Choose your fighter and brawl in this 1v1, 8-minute match. Go for broke and knock out your opponents into oblivion. Defeat your opponent first in this stamina mode to win!

  • New Street Brawl Game Mode
  • 1v1
  • 8 minutes
  • 3 stocks each
  • First to 3 KOs wins!

The free-to-play Legend rotation for this week features: Zariel, Mirage, Wu Shang, Jhala, Magyar, Reno, Lin Fei, Sir Roland, and Diana.

  • Zariel – The Celestial, a warrior deity of Holy Justice, who abides in blessed Elysium. Zariel uses Gauntlets and Bow to take down both Demon hordes and any warrior participating in the Grand Tournament. 
  • Mirage – An occultist, martial artist, and spy, this agent uses the powers of magic and time-travel along with her Scythe and Spear to take down her foes.
  • Wu Shang – Using the way of peace, discipline and martial arts, he takes down his foes with Spear and Gauntlets!
  • Jhala – Given the title “Exalted Lion” by Apollo himself, Jhala “The Unbroken” takes the glamor of Valhalla in stride while having fun slaying her foes with Axe and Sword.
  • Magyar – As the last remaining member of the Batavian Strazci army and wielding the strength of a 100 elite knights, this spectral guardian has come for the glory of battle with their Greatsword and Hammer!
  • Reno – Four arms, compound eyes, fearlessness, and an added dose of genius make this Chitnoid Gunslinger the greatest bounty hunter this side of the Pecosid asteroid belt. He’ll take on any job with his trusty Blasters, and loyal Orb companion.
  • Lin Fei – A defender of the innocent and teacher of the lost ways.  She is a great teacher who has developed her own fighting style, the ‘Way of the Iron Dragon,’ which utilizes her Cannon, Katars and an ancestral dragon-spirit.
  • Sir Roland – No one in Valhalla feels a greater thirst for victory in the tournament than Sir Roland as he strikes down his opponents with Rocket Lance and Sword.
  • Diana – Commander of the Order’s hunters, she uses her Bow and Blasters to slay countless beasts and monsters.

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