Battle Pass 9, New Test Feature, and Challenges! – Patch 8.05

Battle Pass 9, New Test Feature, and Challenges! – Patch 8.05

It is the end times in Brawlhalla’s 9th Battle Pass Season!

The 4 fabled champions of the Apocalypse have descended upon the remnants of the sundered world, alongside The Betrayer and The Seeker!

Claim power for yourself in the wasteland that remains by completing Battle Pass missions and earn up to 85 tiers of rewards.

Patch 8.05 also includes the Luck o’ the Brawl 2024 seasonal Event! Follow the shamrocks in Mallhalla to claim all the seasonal items; including a new Skin for Thea, Kelpie Sidekick, and Emojis starting March 6th. We’ve also added new Challenges, Test Features, and made several game improvements and bug fixes available now!

To celebrate the release of Netflix’s live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series, all ATLA crossover items will be on sale starting this Friday, February 23rd and continuing throughout the weekend!

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In a ruined world, torn apart by a never-ending storm of wind and fire, a journey to find the truth wbehind the origins of the Apocalypse begins…

This season features all new Skins for the champions: Munin, Roland, Reno, & Barraza, a level-up Skin for Wu Shang, and an animated Epic Skin for Red Raptor.

Level up “The Truth” Podium to discover the Blessed Gates that were meant to prevent this rapture!

Season 9 also introduces the Deluxe pass: which unlocks exclusive cosmetics and grants 25 reward tier skips automatically!

A bundled option is also available to unlock both the Deluxe and Gold passes.

Season 9 also features:

  • 85 Tiers of new content including Avatars, Emotes, Sidekicks, Emojis, Weapon Skins, UI Theme, Loading Frame, and 6 new Skins!
  • A free track extending through all 12 weeks of the Battle Pass.
  • Weekly Missions available to all players.
  • A new Weapon set – Merciful – based on the new Deathly Presence Munin Skin’s Weapons. 
  • 3 platform variations for the new Map – Chasm. A 1v1 version, and bespoke versions for the new Brawl of the Week modes, Crumbling Chasm Clash and Dangerous Duel!
  • “The Betrayer” Title Reward.
  • UI takeover featuring animated splash art of the Champions.
  • New main menu, character select, and post-game theme music.
  • An exclusive Avatar awaits you if you complete all of the Weekly missions!

Exclusive Battle Pass Items

As the Seeker continues his journey, there are all-new Battle Pass rewards along his path. 

You’ll find the enigmatic beings of seemingly supernatural origin – Deathly Presence Munin, Ashen Warmonger Roland, Famished Beast Barraza, and Relentless Pest Reno. Pass solemn judgment on the unworthy with a new Emote, and devote yourself to the Wings of Mercy with an all-new UI Theme and Loading Frame. 

All Seekers are automatically granted access to the free Battle Pass track, where they may unlock Colors, Avatars, Emotes, Emojis, an animated Sidekick, Weapon Skins, and a Title Reward. 

Unlocking the Gold track grants access to an even greater amount of rewards and also contains boosters to unlock rewards even faster. Gold Track rewards also include the Wu Shang, the Seeker Progression Skin, “The Truth” Progression Podium, War Horse Sidekick, Fallout KO Effect, Mammoth Coins, animated Emojis, and much more!

Unlocking the Deluxe Pass grants the exclusive Molten Terror Sidekick, Lore Accurate Celestial Emote, “Seer of All” Title, and 25 reward tier skips!

Brand New Missions for Battle Pass

Season 9 introduces several new missions to complete!

  • All players are granted access to all the Weekly Missions!
  • Daily, Weekly, and General missions are available throughout the season.
  • Earn Battle Gems by completing missions to earn rewards!
  • Battle Gems measure a player’s progress toward the next reward tier.
  • Unlocking the Gold track will grant boosters for more opportunities to earn Battle Gems and rewards.

Earn Battle Gems to Level Up 

Each week, new missions unlock new opportunities to earn more Battle Gems while still allowing previous missions to be completed. 

  • Battle Gems are earned by completing missions in matchmaking games except for Brawl of the Week.
  • Players can get even more Battle Gems just by playing Brawlhalla. Any matchmaking game rewards Battle Pass XP that advances the “Earn Battle Pass XP” mission.
  • Completing the mission gives players Gems and a new more challenging “Earn Battle Pass XP” mission.

Seekers can unlock over 100 new rewards during the season, so get ready to start brawling! 

Players may also use Mammoth Coins to increase progress along the track while the season is active. 

Known Issues (Post Launch) 

We’re aware that the Avatar unlocked at Tier 2 of the Free Pass is not showing up in players’ Inventories unless they own the Gold Pass. All players will be able to access the Avatar after a fix goes live. All other Items are working as intended.

For more information, check out the Battle Pass and FAQ pages!

Watch out! The stage slowly crumbles away in this exciting new way to play Dice & Destruction. Fight in this 1v1, 3-minute match and earn the most points before time runs out while you struggle to find your footing.

  • Dice and Destruction Mode
  • 1v1
  • 3 Minute Timer
  • Map platform will slowly crumble away!
  • Score the most points to win!

Introducing 2 new bread-n-butter challenges, one for Rocket Lance and another for Blasters! Both allow players a chance to hone their abilities with classic combos for these Weapons. 

Blasters BnB 

  • 2 noteworthy combos to utilize with Blasters! 
  • Note that Down Light into Side-Air is true at almost all health ranges while Down Light into Side-Light is useful at lower health ranges.

Rocket Lance BnB 

  • It’s time to practice true combos! This challenge features 2 brand new true combos with Rocket Lance. 
  • Note that landing these combos leave you with a huge positional advantage so keep up the pressure!


In tandem with Hold-to-Dodge, we’re adding Perfect Dodge to Brawlhalla to reward players for perfectly timing their dodges rather than mashing or holding the Dodge input.

Perfect Dodge

  • You can perform a “Perfect Dodge” by timing a single Dodge input at the precise moment you exit hitstun, reducing your Dodge cooldown by 20 frames.
  • The 3 frame input buffer still applies to the Dodge input, giving you a total timing window of 4 frames.
  • The Dodge input can not be mashed or held.
  • Note that the Special FX may change in the future.

Please make sure to leave us your feedback on this and other Test Features in Discord, Twitter, Reddit, or any of our other official social channels!


Master the four elements as we celebrate the release of the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix! All Brawlhalla x ATLA items will be on sale starting this Friday, February 23rd, and running all through the weekend! 

Sale items include:

Aang Epic Crossover – “I laugh at gravity all the time. Hahaha, gravity!”

  • Aang is the last Airbender, and the only known survivor of the Air Nomads. He is a trickster and longs for a life full of fun experiences. Aang fulfilled his destiny by mastering all four elements, defeating Fire Lord Ozai, and restoring balance to the Four Nations.

Toph Epic Crossover – “I am the greatest Earthbender in the world! Don’t you dunderheads ever forget it.”

  • Toph was born blind, but grew up learning to adapt and thrive. As a powerful Earthbender, she’s stubborn, uninhibited, exuberantly self-confident, and loves to say and do whatever she pleases. Used to being underestimated, she uses people’s misperceptions of her to gain an advantage over them.

Zuko Epic Crossover – “I’ve realized I’m free to determine my own destiny, even if I’ll never be free of my mark.”

  • Zuko is a powerful Firebender. After being banished from the Fire Nation by his father, Fire Lord Ozai, he was supported by his uncle Iroh and learned to let go of his father and his model of the Fire Nation. Instead, Zuko forged a new path by joining Team Avatar becoming Aang’s firebending mentor.

Appa Sidekick – “Yip yip!”

  • Appa is a giant flying bison who was frozen with Aang for 100 years. He can often be seen transporting Team Avatar from one adventure to another!
  • Appa is the largest sidekick to date in Brawlhalla. He’s been given special animations to accommodate for his unique features and massive size.

Momo Emote – “A treat for the best winged lemur!”

  • Momo is a winged-lemur – a hybrid of the spotted bat and the black and white lemur. Like all of his species, Momo is incredibly intelligent and trainable.
  • Featuring custom sound FX.

Cabbage Merchant KO Effect – “MY CABBAGES!!!!!!!!”

  • A humble businessman from the Earth Kingdom, the cabbage merchant was plagued by misfortune as his carts of cabbages were often destroyed or damaged after crossing paths with Team Avatar and their enemies.
  • Featuring custom sound FX.


  • Water – “Element of Change”
  • Earth – “Element of Substance”
  • Fire – “Element of Power”
  • Air – “Element of Freedom”
  • The Blue Spirit – “A soul learning to change.”
  • Sleeping Appa – “It’s been a long day for Team Avatar’s loyal sky bison.”


  • Sokka Shrug – “Looks more like jerkbending to me.”
  • Katara Wave – “Hi! Let’s practice waterbending together.”
  • Azula Rage – “Almost isn’t good enough!”
  • Suki WP – “On behalf of the Kyoshi Warriors: well played.”
  • Iroh GG – “GG – Good Ginseng”

The sale begins on Friday, February 23, 2024 at 5:00 am ET and ends on Monday, February 26, 2023 at 4:59 am ET. 

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  • Sponsored videos available on Ubisoft Connect.
  • Introducing a new, easier bot difficulty: Pushover. This is intended for players who may be brand new to the platform fighting genre and want to continue their practice on a more mobile Bot compared to the Training mode dummy.
  • Buddy Emotes now display on the Battle Pass track AND in Mallhalla!


  • Added an explore page to view and unlock the Deluxe and/or Gold Battle Passes. Available on all platforms except Switch.



  • Fixed a bug where teams would show up as Blue, Red, or Yellow in matchmaking.
  • Fixed a bug where Xbox would not display a fanfare upon a successful DLC purchase.
  • Fixed a bug where getting KOs on Small Thunderguard Stadium and Small Great Hall in Experimental queues didn’t contribute to Battle Pass Mission progress. 


  • Fixed a bug where players that successfully dodged a grab attack could still get hit by it if the initial grab hit another player.
  • Fixed a bug in the Dice and Destruction modes where the skull roll wasn’t summoning Sidekicks as well as bombs.
  • Fixed a bug where players were forced to use red and blue team colors in 2v2 game modes. Now players are free to choose colors for both teams. 


  • Fixed a display error in Seven’s character select portrait (Mobile only) and Battle Pass Color Scheme unlock portrait (all platforms).
  • Fixed a bug where player Elo was visible in the post-game screen while they were still doing their 10 placement matches.

Art & Animation

  • Fixed a bug where Seven’s hands were displaying blue in replays.


The free-to-play Legend rotation for this week features: Thor, Diana, Ragnir, Sidra, Asuri, Arcadia, Volkov, Orion, and Cross.

  • Thor – Finally entering the ring, Thor, God of Thunder, makes his appearance in the Grand Tournament with his trusty Hammer, Mjölnir, and his powerful Orb.
  • Diana – Commander of the Order’s hunters, she uses her Bow and Blasters to slay countless beasts and monsters.
  • Ragnir – This apex predator, whose home is in the Fangwild, now ventures outward using his Katars and Axe to take on the rest of the Legends in Valhalla!
  • Sidra – Known for her legendary and fearless raids, the Corsair Queen is prepared to fight with her Sword and Cannon!
  • Asuri – This Night Stalker has claimed the Tournament as her territory and sets upon challengers to her domain using Katars and Sword!
  • Arcadia – The humble beetle farmer turned Glorious Queen of the Faefolk. Arcadia, the great champion of the Fangwild, fights in the Grand Tournament with Orma – the singing Greatsword, her Eldritch Thorn Spear, and trusty beetle companion Domo. 
  • Arcadia – The humble beetle farmer turned Glorious Queen of the Faefolk. Arcadia, the great champion of the Fangwild, fights in the Grand Tournament with Orma – the singing Greatsword, her Eldritch Thorn Spear, and trusty beetle companion Domo. 
  • Orion – A revered warrior and champion, the mysterious armored knight uses Rocket Lance and Spear to battle his foes in the halls of Valhalla!
  • Cross – For years he has owned New York City, but can he do the same in Valhalla? This charismatic mobster steps into Valhalla with Blasters and Gauntlets.

Legend splash