Mako Saves the Ocean With Green Game Jam 2023

Mako Saves the Ocean With Green Game Jam 2023

Our ocean covers about 71 percent of our planet’s surface and about 97 percent of the Earth’s water can be found in our ocean. Our ocean also hosts a vast biodiversity of life that helps our ecosystem, health, and livelihood. It plays a central role in the world’s natural systems, like regulating the climate and supplying food for millions of people, while providing jobs to fishermen all over the world.

Unfortunately, our oceans face serious threats like overfishing, habitat destruction, and pollution. Wildlife like sharks, manta rays, and dolphins, including those found in the Western Indian Ocean, are put at risk unless we can increase transparency at sea, promote responsible fishing, and reduce pollution from single-use plastic and offshore drilling.

As a community, we can get involved, take action, and rebuild abundant and biodiverse oceans. Proceeds from the ocean-themed in-game charity Emote will be donated to Oceana, an international organization dedicated to protecting and restoring our oceans on a global scale. Oceana has won more than 275 victories and protected nearly 4 million square miles of ocean by winning policy victories in countries that control one-quarter of the world’s wild fish catch. You can find more information about Oceana and how to take action by visiting

We can also protect our ocean by taking mindful steps like using alternatives to single-use plastics, reducing our carbon footprint, and eating sustainable foods. Volunteering locally to research or clean our ocean and coastal ecosystems, or calling your representatives to promote marine protection are other ways to help save our ocean for future generations. Together we can all pitch in and make a difference.

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