Cross-Progression is here!

Cross-Progression is here!

Brawlhalla has Cross-Progression! This feature cements Brawlhalla as one of the easiest to access games in the world. No matter what platform you’re playing on, you’ll have all of your Brawlhalla accounts’ progress and Inventories at your fingertips.

Complete Cross-Inventory on all platforms was one of the final puzzle pieces that has made Cross Progression possible. We’re thrilled to bring this feature to you, our community, who deserves it more than anyone else. 

You may have some questions about Cross-Progression. We’ve got you covered. 

What is Cross-Progression?

Cross-Progression allows you to gain Account XP, Legend XP,  Ranked Elo, Battle Pass Missions, Gold, Glory, and Stances on an account from a different platform than the one you are playing on. 

For example: you’re playing ranked on your Xbox and are 2-3 games away from Diamond, but have to go on a road trip… you can hop into Brawlhalla on your phone and keep grinding your Xbox Elo!

Another ‘drip saving’ use case: have you ever put off buying Event Color Schemes to the very last day? We have. With Cross-Progression, you can see the Brawlhalla social posts saying, “last call!” and instead of trying to rush home, you can use your phone to buy those Colors or other Gold or Glory Items for any other linked platform! Phew! 

What the person writing this will be doing with Cross-Progression: sometimes after grinding PC Battle Pass Missions for an hour or two I want to play more but, from the comfort of my couch. So, with Cross-Progression, I’m going to set my PC as my Progression Account and keep grinding Battle Pass Mission progress for my PC account on my Switch. 

How do I enable Cross-Progression?

We’ve added a new toggle box for Cross-Progression in the Account Linking UI! This toggle box will pop up after you select your Current Platform Account and Active Linked Account. On PC you can press C to toggle the star or click the boxes. On Xbox and Switch press “A” to toggle it. On mobile tap to select. On PlayStation press “X” to toggle it.


  • Is Cross-Progression available on every platform?


  • What will my name be displayed as when I’ve selected an Active Linked Account?

Your identity in-game will be based on the current platform account you are using.

  • Do I lose any Items when linking accounts?

No. Items don’t get transferred or deleted. The Inventories get combined and all owned Items are available to select from between your current platform account and Active Linked Account.

  • Can I have all my platform accounts linked to my Ubisoft account without turning on Cross-Progression?

Yes. You are not required to have an Active Linked Account.

  • Can I share the Inventory of one account while progressing on a different account?

Yes. You will be able to choose between your platform account or your Active Linked Account to earn progression on while still sharing the Inventory from the Active Linked Account.

  • I don’t have any secondary accounts. Do I need to link my Brawlhalla account to a Ubisoft account?

No. If you do not wish to utilize account linking, then you don’t have to consider any of this! Everything will work as it always has for you.

  • I already have my account setup with Cross-Inventory. Do I need to change anything?

Not unless you want to! Cross-Progression is built on top of our Cross-Inventory system, so now instead of only sharing Inventory between accounts, you can now pick which account makes in-game progress.

  • Do I need to play on Ubisoft Connect?

No. Your Ubisoft account, which is separate from Ubisoft Connect, is used as the nexus for Cross-Inventory and Cross-Progression. This feature works across all platforms.

  • What happens when I purchase Items with Mammoth Coins while I have an Active Linked Account?

Mammoth Coin purchases go to the current platform account Inventory. You can not purchase Items for one platform from a different platform with Mammoth Coins.

  • Can my Active Linked Account be played on at the same time on different platforms?

No. You will be automatically signed out of Brawlhalla on Linked Accounts.

  • Is it quick and easy to change which account I have set as my Active Linked Account?

Yes! It takes just a few seconds to open the account linking menu and change your Active Linked Account.

  • What about my clan and friends list?

Your clan and friends list is related to your player identity, which is linked to your current platform account. For example, if you are playing on Steam, your friends list will reflect your Steam friends list regardless of what you have set as your Active Linked Account.

  • Can I link my alternate Steam account in addition to my main?

Only one account from each platform can be linked to your Ubisoft account.

  • I want to connect a different account for a platform I already have connected to my Ubisoft account. What can I do?

You can unlink your accounts at any time. However, you will only be able to re-link the same account you had originally connected to your Ubisoft account. When you unlink an account, your platform username will remain visible in the Linked Accounts section of the Account Information page.

To link a different platform account to your Ubisoft account, please contact Ubisoft Support.

  • When I set an account as my Active Linked Account, does my Inventory get shared with the current platform account forever?

The Inventories are only shared from the additional account while it is set as the Active Linked Account. When this account is no longer set as the Active Linked Account, the Items from that account are no longer shared with the current platform account until it is set again as the Active Linked Account.

  • Will all of my content now transfer between my accounts?

All content that is available on multiple platforms can be shared. However, some platform-exclusive content, such as the PlayStation Collectors content and PlayStation Plus Packs, are unavailable to use on other platforms.

  • I have the All Legends Pack on two platforms. Do I get anything extra?

Yes! When you use Cross-Inventory or Cross-Progression with two accounts with the All Legends Pack you will get some bonus Items for the length of your play session.

  • Can I disable Cross-Progression?

Yes. As easily as you enabled Cross-Progression you can disable it in your Account Linking UI. Just select edit, hit save without selecting, and then confirm.

  • I haven’t logged into one of my accounts in a long time and can’t set it as my Active Linked Account. What’s going on?

Accounts need to have logged into Brawlhalla within the last 30 days to use Cross-Inventory and Cross-Progression.

  • Are Items and progress transferable with Cross-Inventory and Cross-Progression?

No. When disconnected, all progression and Inventory stays with the original accounts and nothing is transferred or lingers. 

  • Can a banned account be linked to this system?



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