The Speedster

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“I taught her Brawlball just last week and this week she’s dominating. It was the same with Bombsketball and with Volleybrawl. It’s hardly fair how she’s just good at every sport without even trying.”

Thor to Scarlet

At the first Olympic games, Theaklydea of Athens, the daughter of Medea, won every race and most of the other events. Afterwards, Zeus sent her on an epic quest, then made the Olympics a regular thing so that, with her out of the way, other people could have a chance to win too.

That epic quest was to travel to the fortress of Asgard and win back the Winged Helm of Hermes from the strange northern gods. Thea knew Zeus had lost the hat to Odin fair and square in a dice game, but agreed to go because she loves a challenge.

In Valhalla, Thea went to work, first building up a rabid fanbase by dominating Valhalla’s alt tournament scenes. She is the first Legend to win The Brawlball Open, The Kung-Foot Annual, and The Ymirion Clash in a single year.

Once Thea began winning in the Grand Tournament, a new world of possibility opened to her–endorsements. She single-handedly invented sports marketing in Asgard, and watched in delight as her Eternal Sports empire grew. Thor was seen wearing her custom Pegasus Ymirror sunglasses, made by Ulgrim manufacturing. Scarlet swears by her Parnassus Punch hydration formula. Even Vraxx was spotted in her Atalanta no-show performance socks.

“Let’s do another three hundred. I’ve got to be done by six so I can meet Lucien for Kungfoot drills before breakfast.

Thea to her exhausted Dodgebomb coach

At this point she’s so rich she could probably just buy the Hermes’ Helmet back from Odin, but she’s staying around to win it back instead. She doesn’t miss her life with the other Olympians. This crowd is much livelier… and weirder.

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