The Luchador

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KABAL criminal activity has dropped to zero in Mexico City. KABAL agents are terrified of what they call ‘the night hunter.’ Go find out what’s going on.

President Coates to Isaiah

Strength, speed, style, good-looks, Oscar Huerta had it all, and by sixteen he was the most beloved luchador in Mexico. At twenty-eight, he became an ancient god.

A vision quest led him to the long-lost Huerta ancestral farm, and there to a hidden cave. In a night of walking dreams, he learned of his true family history, of the ancient Jaguar Kingdom, of his destiny, and of The Jaguar Mask. He returned with a new identity and a new purpose.

By day, he was Tezca, wrestling in packed arenas around the world while fans cheered the greatest luchador of their generation. By night, he became a vigilante hero, a spirit of justice fighting the evil forces who would oppress his people.

He saved the world at least twice. Once, when he thwarted his beloved luchador sister Chel, who learned of their divine bloodline, but used her newfound powers to try and restore the Jaguar Kingdom, at a terrible cost. And again the time he stole Dr. Evilstein’s freeze ray.

“¡El Jaguar Pone Las Reglaaaasss!!!”

Tezca delivering his tagline before leaping from the high ropes

In Valhalla, Tezca revels in the Tournament and remains a master showman. He often teams up with his sister, though much remains unsettled between them. Other Legends speculate intensely on his true appearance, and Orion even challenged him to a mask-match, where the loser would be unmasked. Odin quickly intervened.

Legend splash