The Free Heart Engineer

  • Cannon Cannon
  • Spear Spear

“I left my broken war scooter outside that old camper, and the next morning it ran like a dream! Even added razor wire. I should come up with a name for this thing…”

               ~ Excerpt from a Ravager journal (salvaged from truly terrible handwriting)

The Barren Age was a time of turmoil and strife before the Rebuilding. Seven remembers it as a time of limitless possibility in a sea of scrap. Travelers marveled at the mechanical world that sprung up overnight in the Great Pile. Roving automated beasts, flame charged security systems, and the cutest little lemonade stand you’ve ever seen. The outlands were also full of danger. But with resourcefulness, optimism, and a motorized battalion of land crab tank units, Seven proved she was made of tougher stuff – specifically an alloyed blend of meyeridium and tungsten. Battles with Skag Hunters and the recently formed Gaslords showed off her skill in the art of hand-to-wrench combat. The Reborn GovernCorp called off their juggernaut engine attacks after a scout reported that she’d welded them together into a bouquet. There was one thing Seven often pondered and prototyped. A heart. Though in the end, it was not made for her, but for someone else. And as the ages passed, Seven finally felt the warmth of her power source fading. She got her battlecheckers board and played a few rounds with her robo sidekick. After losing a match, she smiled, looked toward the setting sun, and at long last, powered down. The Valkyrie saw the little robot had technically fallen in “battle,” and gave her a seat in Valhalla.

“I would like to thank my programming!” ~ Seven’s acceptance speech after winning grand prize by entering herself in the Asgardian Science Fair.

The Grand Tournament is a perfect testing ground for Seven’s new creations. In between matches, she’ll often hop the fence to collect the leftover bits of weaponry and armor.

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