Red Raptor

The Last Sentai

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“The jaws of death descended.
Red Raptor raised his fist.
With it he grasped salvation,
for Shinsekai, not for him.”

– From the epic power ballad ‘The Last Sentai’ (translated from Asgardian)

When Daizen Doro was five, his home planet of Shinsekai was invaded by an army of Kaiju. These giant beasts ravaged the planet at the command of a shadowy mastermind known as ‘Loki.’ Daizen’s people fought back with iron will and technology, building giant mechs powered by the spirits of their pilots. The greatest mech team was Raptor Force – Golden Goshawk, Silver Harrier, Black Buzzard, and Blue Osprey – led by the greatest mech pilot of the age, Daizen, the Red Raptor.

Intense and determined, Red Raptor and Raptor Force took down Tokage, the dragon Kaiju with a homing missile, the great slithering Unagi with a rock-powered kick, and the great beast Gorira with a giant banana peel.

In the climactic final battle, the most powerful Kaiju, super-powered by a mysterious force called Darkheart, destroyed Red Raptor’s team and imprisoned the spirits of the pilots. As the Kaiju closed in, Red Raptor, in a final desperate gambit, detonated the anti-Darkheart core of his own mech, immolating both the monsters and himself.

“The new guy is kinda intense.”

– Caspian

As he stepped into the afterlife, Daizen made yet another sacrifice – turning away from the heavenly road that would lead to his ancestors, some lonely instinct made him accept the Yalkyrie’s offer of Valhalla. Now Koji has become a mentor, Vector an ally, and Petra a clue in Red Raptor’s new mission: In Valhalla he will hunt down this ‘Loki,’ unravel the mystery of the darkheart, and rescuse his lost team one final time.

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